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Consumable Intelligence – Captured On Personalized Dashboards

For stakeholder’s real-time decisions, data should be available in the form of easily visualized and consumable intelligence. Today, there are multiple BI solutions making it possible – by combining data from many sources, evaluating it into a digestible style, and then disseminating it to the appropriate recipients. However, the availability of intelligence at the snap of a finger remains the make-or-break factor.

With Intellsense, we’re reducing the time frame of personalized dashboard creation backed on data validation. It’s a self-service business intelligence
and reporting tool (BIRT) leveraging a pre-built KPI library enabling users to create dashboards on the go to better visualize data.

Focus On The Intellsense Features

No Code Visualization
Built-in KPI library (200+ KPIs)
Drag n Drop Configurable Dashboards
Self-Service BI Tool
Siloed to Synced Data in Realtime For Quick Decision Making
Go LIVE in 10 Days
Scalable Database Structure
Support For All Web Browsers & Devices
Role-based Security Setting
Exportable Files

The Visual Library To Look At Pre Built KPIs

Retail & ECOM KPIs

Customer Level, Transaction Level, Revenue, Customer Segment, Customer Engagement, Web Analytics

Campaign Attribution KPIs

Email, SMS, and Mobile Push/Web App Campaigns

Single View of Customer (SVOC) KPIs

Customer ID, Total Transaction – Online & Offline, Total Discount, Payments, etc.

From Data To Dashboards With Intellsense As GPS

Leverages proven standardization practices for data preparation to power data modelling

Helps build a single view of the customer (SVOC) based on the prepared data

The SVOC helps in customer segmentation, leveraging the Intellsense KPIs for segmentation modelling

The final output is made accessible on personalized dashboards through Intellsense

Look at the Big Picture via Personalized Dashboards