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From the CEO’s desk
Dear Friends,

It feels good to be back to business as usual and I hope your lives are also moving in a positive direction just like ours at Comsense. As we have crossed the second quarter of 2022 and moved into the third, I am happy to see renewed energy, increased traction, better results and overall, a pulse of liveliness and positivity within the organization and around. Market is now open and business travels are back to the norm. And I must say, nothing beats the feel of meeting customers, team members, and vendors in person.

Last quarter witnessed a lot of travel for us as we re-initiated our US and Singapore expansion plans. There is a lot of brainstorming and action been taken to make up for the lost time during COVID for these geographies. While we managed to retain and gain customers all through the past two and a half years, with improved market conditions now, we hope to see that growing exponentially.

To make Comsense more employee friendly, we have initiated an Associate Delight Program which is being led by Sheetal, our HR head. As a part of this program, the leaders along with HR have created various interventions that improve and instill positive associate engagement. I wish great success to the entire team working relentlessly on this program.

Our BU heads have now already started showcasing improved leadership skills based on our mentoring over last many months. Their hands-on training continues with Comsense Leadership as they keep displaying skills, taking ownership, and leading their individual packs.

As for the financial updates, we have set for us aggressive targets for this financial year, and everyone is working hard to achieve the same. I am delighted to say that so far, we are on track with our internal plans, and everyone is striving hard to make it happen.

Lastly, my personal focus remains high on our US and Singapore expansion plan as well on our ongoing Customer Delight Program. I will make every possible effort to ensure superior customer experience and Comsense’s global growth.

With that I leave you to read about our achievements, success stories and our growing community of people. Happy Reading!

Sagar Babar
CEO & Cofounder,
Comsense Technologies
Won Deals
Govt. of Karnataka

Comsense was awarded a deal by the Govt. of Karnataka to create a dashboard for the Power and Energy Ministry of the state. As a part of our engagement, we will create a dashboard with a single view of KPI’s across various parameters of the ministry.

A Leading Software Company

A leading software and services company in India has engaged Comsense to support their UK client with their End-to- End Campaigns.

KleanMail is Winning Hearts Across the Globe
Our flagship product KleanMail was officially launched in the previous quarter and is witnessing great success in such a short span of time. KleanMail is an AI-Driven Email Validation Tool that cleans any email list with minimum 98% accuracy. It dramatically improves the efficiency of email campaigns, reduces hard and soft bounces, and enhances the IP reputation of the sender.
KleanMail was recently chosen and bought as a preferred validation tool by:
  • A US based company offering cold email as a service
  • An innovative start-up that offers integrated platform for healthcare wearables and sensors
  • A start-up studio working on consumer and enterprise products
“Comsense team has done a great job in setting up our data streaming pipeline, segmentation & creating cohorts for various campaigns. With this framework in place, we are now confident of scaling up rapidly.”
- Umesh Rai,
VP Marketing (Digital & Retail) at Metropolis Healthcare
“The Comsense Team has been an intricate part of the amazing growth Reebok SA has seen in CRM. The team has a wealth of knowledge in the field and has been great in collaborating with our e-com and creative agencies”
- Malikah McDavis
CRM & ECOM Marketing Manager, Reebok South Africa
“Risk-taking is the cornerstone of empires”
- Estée Lauder, Businesswoman and co-founder of Estée Lauder
Comsense hosted a round table discussion with leaders from IBM and TechData
Comsense hosted a round table discussion in association with IBM and TechData bringing together Leaders from AI, Data, Marketing, and Analytics functions across multiple industries. These leaders shared their challenges and successes in the various stages of their digital transformation journey from building a Single View of Customer to implementing a Customer Data Platform to deploying real-time use cases to finally delivering an unparalleled Customer Experience.

Sagar shares his phenomenal story
of rags to riches on Josh Talks

Our CEO, Sagar Babar, gave a Josh Talk in May where he shared his life story and gave exciting insights into how he embraced failures to become successful. He spoke about his early years, his multi-industry stints, multiple businesses that he started, the failed startups and the success of Comsense. Sharing his success mantra, he said that he never shies away from asking help, nor does he get scared or embarrassed when seeking assistance. He also takes every opportunity to help the needy. Hear the fascinating story right from the horse’s mouth here.
Comsense BU heads awarded ESOPs
on our 7th Foundation Day
On our 7th foundation day, our Cofounders Sagar, Vineet, Sushil & Aniket handed ESOPs to our amazing BU heads. It was a token of appreciation for their loyalty, dedication, hard work, and trust in us throughout our journey. They have been an integral part of the growth journey of Comsense, and we wish them much luck on their way forward in taking Comsense to new heights.
Comsense opens a new office in Atlanta, USA
In line with our growth plans for this year and to achieve our mission 2024, we opened a new office in Atlanta, USA. The office was inaugurated by our CEO, Sagar Babar. With this new office in place, Comsense aims to expand its operation in US which is a key target geography for this year.
Cold Email Masterclass
Comsense’s co-founder Biju Nambiar conducted a Cold Email Masterclass with renowned Growth Hacker and author of Growth Hacking Book Series, Rohan Chaubey
Post the official launch of KleanMail, the AI- Driven Email Validation Tool from Comsense, the team organized a massively hit webinar in the last week of June 2022. The webinar titled “The Cold Email Masterclass” was jointly presented by our co-founder Biju Nambiar and Rohan Chaubey, a renowned growth marketer and co-founder of International Growth Hacking Day.
The key take-aways of the webinar included:
  • Strategies for cold email marketing
  • Understanding the importance of building email list
  • Understanding the importance of email verification
  • Transformation strategies to efficiently increase customer engagement
The webinar was a huge success with participants from across the globe.
You can see the webinar recordings here.
KleanMail ranked #4 Product of the Day on Product Hunt
KleanMail, our flagship product for Real-time Email Validation, was formally launched on Product Hunt in June 2022. In less than 24 hours, it was ranked #4 product of the day by a process of voting done by Product Hunt users. We are super thrilled to have made it on the top list and hope KleanMail sees the growth that we anticipate.
Success Stories
A Leading Beauty and Skin Care Solution Provider improves revenues by more than 23% in less than 6 months by creating Single View of Customer
Read more ›
Largest Retail Group in New Zealand Improves Sales in Less Than 3 Months by Using Predictive Analytics
Read more ›


Limited Time Deal of Kleanmail
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✔ 0.5 Million verification credits
✔ Instant or Quick Verification
✔ Bulk Verification
✔ Lifetime Validity

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To avail the offer, all you need to do is to follow these simple steps:
  • Go to: https://kleanmail.com/
  • Click on 'Register' buttton.
  • Select 'Signup' option.
  • Register yourself by adding 'Company Name', 'Contact Number', 'Email ID'
  • Use Verification Code to complete the Registration process.
  • Post successful Registration, you can sign in with your credentials.
MarTech Forecast

The MarTech industry has been booming for a few years; however, marketers still seem to be struggling often. You will notice that despite all the personalization and experience you are building, your customer acquisition and engagement are still not growing proportionately. It is, thus, important to modify our approach and keep looking forward. Focusing on upcoming trends and modifying our strategy accordingly can give us the desired results. Here are a few MarTech Trends that you can look at and adopt for growth in 2022.

  1. When working on customer experience, focus on building connections: Your customer should not feel that you are behind their money. Instead, use sentimental analysis to build connections and improve the personalization that you offer. It will always lead to improved customer experience. The trend shows that brands will be more human and relatable. They will try to bring more authenticity to the companies to attract this personal connection.

  2. Use VR/AR content: Virtual reality and Augmented Reality bridge the physical and digital world. They have expanded the world of tech to a whole other level. Virtual reality will soon be integrated into all sectors, including real estate and retail. Companies are using it to show how the product would feel in as real a situation as possible, even before the customer buys it. Adopting VR as part of your marketing strategy can take the customer experience and interaction level to an all-new high by simplifying the customer’s journey.

  3. AI in MarTech will continue to grow: Researchers had predicted that in 2022 nearly 80 million devices would be connected to the IOT. This highlights the indispensable role of AI, Analytics, and IoT in the marketing domain. With chatbots already handling complex transactions, it is only logical that data and AI will get deeper into the scheme of things to predict customer behaviors, conduct and use sentimental analysis, and even make accurate pricing decisions.
“Ask yourself if what you’re doing today is getting you closer to where you want to be tomorrow”
- Paulo Coelho, Brazilian Lyricist, Novelist and Author of “The Alchemist”
The Leadership Speaks
Sushil Gujrathi

Our Chief Growth Officer, Sushil Gujrathi takes the hotseat as he gets into an exciting conversation with our co-founder, Biju Nambiar. Hear his journey, his passion for data, his expertise in transformation and his Vision for Comsense. Tune in and understand the four pillars of Comsense’s growth plan which are close to Sushil’s heart. View more ›

Altaf Mulla

Hear our Head of Product and Innovation talk about his association and journey with Comsense. Listen to what he feels Comsense does differently and his ideas of innovation. Experience his idea of 100 products that people love in an open and free chat with our co-founder Biju Nambiar. View more ›

Comsense Employee Engagement
We value every member of Comsense Community – be it customers, associates, or vendors. Just like our Customer Delight Program, we take our Associate Delight Program quite seriously. Through our Associate Delight Program, we relentlessly try to engage the team positively and constructively. The program includes various areas of focus with the top ones being Career Planning, Technical Trainings (UpSkilling and Cross-Skilling), Soft Skill Trainings, Sports Days, Wellness Programs, Workforce Culture Enablement, Associate Empowerment, and Rewards and Recognitions. The previous quarter saw many activities conducted around these aspects of associate engagement. We are already witnessing the positive results of many such interventions.
Welcome Aboard
Just like previous quarters, Comsense Team is growing. This quarter we welcome Rohit Londhe, Shraddha Kale, Ashwini Ghorpade, Saif Makandar, Anant Kadam, Shivkumar Dusad, Yash Badani, Neha Jagadale, Kota Hema Nag, Pravish Ranjan, Dipali More, Sharayu Tambe, Pradnya Malekar, Rakhi Ankar, and Savita Kandharkar to the Comsense family. We wish them luck in their journey here.
Comsense Quarterly Awards
Quarterly Awards are awaited with great enthusiasm at Comsense. It is our way to appreciate and thank our team for their invaluable contribution to Comsense’s growth. Our performers, specially the younger and fresher ones, find them highly motivating and strive hard to get one. This quarter witnessed some great contributions that were aptly awarded.
Our winner list included:
Rookie (Rising Star) Award
a) Akanksha Jadhav
A quick learner who takes sincere efforts to deliver good quality work, Akanksha is our true rising star.
b) Ranjith Rajmohan
Ranjith believes in quality of work. He developed a robust accelerator with best-in-class and up-to-date ML algorithm which made him a true contender for our Rookie Award.
c) Prajakta Mohite
Aptly rewarded for taking lead in challenging circumstances, Prajakta displays relentless dedication towards her work. She sure is a fresh shining star at Comsense.
d) Rohit Londhe
Rohit displays great work ethics and shows immense dedication to his work which made him a great candidate for the Rookie Awards. He has great attitude for timely closure of projects.
e) Sheetal Rao
In a short span of time, Sheetal has made exemplary contribution towards Comsense’s growth and processes for which she rightly deserved this award.
Star Performer Award
a) Avneesh Naha
An extremely dedicated professional, Avneesh has great passion for the work he undertakes. He is proactive, creative, accountable and brings his best to very project. No wonder he made his place right at the top as our Star Performer for the quarter.
Customer Delight Award
a) Pooja Kushwaha
Pooja’s proactivity, approach to problems and solutioning are unmatched. Her sharp customer focus, made her win the very coveted Customer Delight Award
Team Player Award
a) Tushar Valkunde
Tushar is a quick learner and takes sincere effort in delivering quality work. He is a great team player.
b) Prajakta Patil
Team spirit defines Prajakta. She knows when to step up and how to be a great team player. She intently looks forward to the success of the team and thus was rewarded as a great Team player.
c) Hussain Mahadik
Hussain displays willingness to provide support to others and believes in positive collaboration. His contributions as a team member have brought in many positive outcomes for which he was rightly awarded the Team Player Award.
Administrative Excellence Award
a) Vrushali Paralkar
Vrushali’s energy and enthusiasm for getting the job done is unparalleled. She is dedicated, swift in her approach and highly positive in her approach towards all work that is pushed at her. The smile and grace with which she achieves her tasks and beyond, make her a deserving candidate for Administrative Excellence Award.
b) Sushama Chikalkar
Sushama’s dedication and sincerity define her very character. In her long association with Comsense, she has contributed in more than one way to keep us going. She always bears the best interest of the organizations in her mind. Her discipline keeps us on the right track. She truly deserves this award.
We send out heartiest congratulations to all the winners and wish them much more success in the coming quarters.
As a twist to the tale, this time we have some interns from IIM Indore who had a short stint with us sharing their experience about Comsense. Hear what they have to say about their exposure, learning and the kind of mentorship they got with us.
View Video
Deepak Pugaonkar
IIM Indore ‘23
View Video
Harshal Thakur
IIM Indore ‘23
View Video
Mayank Patel
IIM Indore ‘23
Life at Comsense
All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy and we never encourage such Jacks at Comsense. After all, what’s life without the fun!
Birthday Celebrations
In the last quarter we celebrated the Birthdays of our team members Anant Kadam, Sumedh Pawaskar, Tushar Valkunde, Rutika Bhikule, Varada Pol, Pravish Rajan, Pranay Pimple, Shriya Sharma, Karan Mudliar, Saurav Patil. As always, the celebrations included cake cutting, snack party, chitter chatter and loads of laughter.
Comsense Premier League
The Comsense Premiere League was organized last month with our super enthusiastic cricket lovers in the house. The BlackBulls were crowned the champions and took the trophy home wining a nail biting final against the BlueBeetles. The event has truly been a testament that there's nothing like the intoxicating spirit of Comsense Team's sportsmanship! All the players demonstrated terrific performances, while still trying hard enough not just to win themselves personal achievements or titles—all were in pursuit of success!
CSR Activity
As always CSR activities remain at the core of our operating principles. Giving back to the society drives us in the right directions. As a part of our CSR initiatives, we tripled our contribution to Dnyanankur school in the past quarter. The school provides education to the needy children who otherwise might be forced to drop out of school. We hope our little contribution makes a difference in the life of these children and the future of our country.
Spiritual Corner
For more information please visit: Heartfulness: Meditation | Relaxation | Yoga | Spirituality
Thanks for reading.
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