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From the CEO’s Desk
Dear Friends,

We are finally past the COVID scare and the mayhem it created across the globe. I am really looking forward to better times ahead. The last two years of the Pandemic helped us see our true strengths at Comsense. I am proud to say that with the help of our strong team and core values, Comsense not just sailed through effortlessly but also doubled in numbers and revenue despite the global slowdown.

Our Co-founder Sushil Gujrathi, along with his Business Unit Heads has given great shape to the organization in last quarter and together, they are now, successfully leading us towards greater heights

This quarter we took another step towards making our workplace better for its employees. Ms. Sheetal joined us as a People Manager. With her experience and expertise in people skills, I am confident that Comsense will be an even greater place to work. This brings me to highlight that we recently got certified by Great Place to Work. Amongst the many victories we have witnessed, this one has been my favorite.

In our endeavor to provide maximum data protection to our clients, and build top-notch IT security within the organization, we have initiated a few compliance initiatives. I am excited to announce that we have excellently kick-started the GDPR compliance process in this past quarter and by the next quarter we will be GDPR compliant.

Another thing to revel is the return of our workforce to our physical offices. It is an ecstatic feeling to meet them face to face and connect with them within the premises. The same is true for our customers too. The in-person face to face meetings have finally begun with the clients and it just makes the whole experience more meaningful and enjoyable.

Lastly, with more work coming in, I am happy to announce the hiring of 11 new Java resources. I extend a hearty welcome to all the new hires and wish them much success here at Comsense.

Sagar Babar
CEO & Cofounder,
Comsense Technologies
“Business opportunities are like buses, there’s always another one coming.”
- Richard Branson, Entrepreneur, Business Magnate. Founder- Virgin Group
Won Deals
Globein Services
Globien is one of the leading Digital Marketing & IT Services Company of India. They awarded Comsense the contract to avail Kleanmail platform services. Kleanmail will help the company maintain email database hygiene and will also be deployed on all the digital touchpoints to ensure only clean data enters the system.
A leading multi-national toy retailer, London
Comsense grabbed a CX deal with one of the leading multinational toy retailers in the world headquartered in London. Comsense is one of their key partners in their digital transformation journey. The client was looking for a solution that will enable them to understand the areas where their customers are struggling on the digital channels especially Website and App. Comsense along with its business partner Acoustic will implement the world’s leading struggle analytics solution – Tealeaf, to enable the client to understand and eliminate customer struggles.
Govt. of Rwanda
Comsense delivered a custom plug and play IOT platform powered with KAFKA for Govt. of Rwanda. Air Quality streaming data from IOT sensors is being processed in real-time and consumed by officials on dashboards built in Kabana. The availability of real-time level of air pollution allows these officials to take prompt action without any delays.
A Leading Bank in India
Comsense won a CDP readiness assessment deal for one of the leading banks in India with headquarters in Mumbai and having 1600 branches all over. Comsense’s CDP is currently used by leading global brands. This project will help the bank to understand their maturity on their CDP journey. The main dimensions that will be covered in this assessment will be Data Accuracy, Data Accessibility and Data Utility.
Comsense is now Great Place to Work-Certified!!!
This is one award we have loved so much! We are proud to announce that Comsense Technologies has been certified as and by Great Place to Work. This certificate reflects our high-trust, high-performance culture that we have nurtured and nourished since our inception. The Great Place to Work Trust Model assesses the employee experience of workplaces around the globe and certifies organizations which pass the global standards of Employee Trust Index. See more ›
Comsense Quarterly Awards
Our Quarter 1, 2022, witnessed many of our new stars shining bright. As we celebrated our Q1 Awards, we realized that some youngsters have seamlessly moved up the ladder to take larger roles and responsibilities. At the same time the new joinees had shown incredible expertise and dedication towards their work and the organization.
Our winner list included:
Rookie (Rising Star) Award
a) Pranay Pimple
In such a short span, Pranay has shown complete dedication and ownership towards his work and thus he rightfully deserved this Rising Star Award.
b) Abhishek Deshpande
By using his knowledge and common business sense, Abhishek contributed beyond his expected tasks. He came forward and took ownership of tasks and gave exemplary performance thus making him a Rising Star.
Star Performer Award
a) Umesh Kolate
Umesh is creative, focused, dedicated, passionate, honest and responsible in his work. With his innovative and truly creative views, he is a true star performer.
b) Neha Kushwaha
Neha has displayed sincerity and ownership in all her tasks and has ensured consistent quality deliveries which make her place as a Star Performer justified and worthwhile.
The Ace Contributor Award
a) Shailesh Waghmare
Meet Shailesh – our extremely hard working, agile and valuable team player. He has always displayed a positive attitude towards timely closure of tasks and projects and demonstrated excellent ownership and accountability making him an Ace Contributor.
Team Player Award
a) Shipra Shaurya
Shipra is undoubtedly our best team player who has never shied away from taking initiative and displaying a great sense of responsibility towards getting tasks completed.
GDPR Workshops
As we gear up to make Comsense GDPR compliant, we kickstarted the activity with weekly workshops conducted with the help of our GDPR consultant. These workshops started with the team understanding what is GDPR and its importance in our business. As a part of the workshops, we identified the data breach vulnerabilities at various levels within the organization like services, employee level and application levels. Further, identification of controls that must be in place had been put together along with ensuring the best way to adopt the IT security best practices within the organization.
These weekly workshops will continue until the entire organization becomes fully GDPR compliant.
Comsense and Acoustic – More Than a Meeting
Our Cofounders Sagar Babar, Biju Nambiar, and Sushil Gujrathi along with our Business Unit Heads met up with the leaders from Acoustic India Team to discuss and strategize the way ahead as a part of their Joint GTM Strategy.
Comsense and Acoustic have a long standing partnership and they have been jointly serving global giants like Adidas, Reebok, and Marks and Spencer in several countries.
View more ›
Dubai Expo
Comsense leadership team visited the most coveted Dubai Expo in the last quarter. With the theme of “Connecting minds, Creating the future”, and subthemes of opportunity, mobility, and sustainability, the Dubai Expo offered a great networking platform. Our team enjoyed innovative experiences across the 192 country pavilions that showcased the future of the world with fast changing technology. It was a lifetime experience to meet young entrepreneurs as well as established players and professionals from across the world. Our team was delighted to understand their thought process and learn from them as we make ourselves future ready.
Internal Workshops – Building Future Ready Leaders
At Comsense, we believe that people are pioneers and we continually thrive to make them successful by polishing their skills and making them future leaders. Trainings are an integral part of the growth of individuals at various organizational levels. Q1 2022 was focused on training our BU heads and Next level leads on critical skills like Client and Stakeholder Management, Leadership, and Time Management. The aim of these workshops was to upskill them and make them ready for self, business, and organizational growth.
Comsense Officially Launches Their AI Driven Email Verification Tool KLEANMAIL
We have officially launched our AI-driven Email Verification Tool KleanMail. KleanMail is an Email Validation Tool that is quick, secure, and nearly 99% accurate. Organizations looking to improve and maintain a good IP reputation will find KleanMail extremely effective as this cloud-based solution enables cleansing of customer database, enhancing email deliverability, improved customer engagement and boosting campaign effectiveness. It offers key features like Email validation API, Email domain and SMTP Validation, and Spam Trap Checker. Along with these, this email verifier is loaded with other features like Disposable email cleaner, domain checker, syntax error validation, hard bounce checker, and MTA validator. To Know more about Kleanmail, visit www.kleanmail.com
Comsense Innovation Hub
At Comsense we are always aiming for innovation, creativity and going beyond ourselves. In our endeavor to promote a culture of Innovation within the organization and with an aim to help the organization grow and remain competitive in the industry, we have setup an in-house Innovation Hub. The Comsense Innovation Hub is the brainchild of our co-founder, Sushil Gujrathi, who is extremely passionate about transforming organizations using innovative culture as one of the tools to trigger positive change.
The purpose of this Innovation Hub is to continually transform the organization from inside and outside. Our innovation Hub fosters ideas, nurtures them till MVP stage and ensures those are market ready. Additionally, it cultivates the right culture and thinking environment within the organization.
We believe that collaboration creates magic and thus at our Innovation Hub, we foster an environment of joint innovation. Our clients, partners, and employees, together create competitive solutions for the market and generate shared RoI for all of us.
Exploring the art of the possible - Our High Level Framework of innovation hub
“Comsense Team has been instrumental in helping us achieve the requirements, the technical knowledge and the solution provided is great. Overall happy to work along.””
- Sanjeev,
Product Manager, Demandshore ( a Ziff Davis Company)
“Comsense team has been available 24X7, they are highly knowledgeable bunch with a “Can-do” attitude. They have been consistently delivering on tight timelines…I highly recommend Comsense team esp for Marketing Automation Services”
- Vijayender Pathania
Digital Head- Punjab Kesari
New Joinees
We are proud to inform that Comsense is growing every quarter not just in revenue but also in numbers. The first quarter of 2022, saw new joinees - Akanksha Jadhav, Shubham Bhosekar, Ranjith Rajmohan, Sheetal Rao, Prajakta Mohite, Saurav Patil, Rohit Londhe, Shraddha Kale, Pallavi Satpute, Ashwini Ghorpade, Vishal Shete, Chitramala Ahire, Saif Makandar, Sayali Nikam, Anant Kadam and Shivkumar Dusad. We welcome them to the Comsense Family and wish them a great journey here.

“Ask yourself if what you’re doing today is getting you closer to where you want to be tomorrow”

- Paulo Coelho, Brazilian Lyricist, Novelist and Author of “The Alchemist”
Spiritual Corner
Learn more about Heartfulness: View more ›
Fun and Celebrations
Life at Comsense is nothing without the Fun and Celebrations that keep us in high spirits all year round.
Holi Celebration
The vibrant festival of colours, Holi was celebrated with much fervor at our workplace. Painting faces with organic colours, exchanging sweets and loads of laughter marked the auspicious occasion that celebrates victory of good over evil.
Women’s Day
Comsense truly believes in the power of womanhood and appreciates the uniqueness, strength and dedication that women and specially our female colleagues bring to the table. Though it is everyday that our female colleagues are appreciated for their effort, it just makes us happier when we make them feel extra special on a particular day. Yes! We celebrated the International Women’s Day to appreciate the effort of not just our women workforce but also as a mark of our respect to women across the globe. The Day was celebrated with a special cake cutting done by our female growth creators.
CEO’s Birthday Celebration
Our CEO’s birthday celebration is always an event that we look forward to. It is our way to thank him for the guidance and support that he provides to each and everyone at Comsense. As always, we had a great cake cutting ceremony followed by his inspirational messages and almost a yearly dose of fun and laughter.
Thanks for reading.
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