Foundation To A Single View Of The Customer & Tailored Outreach


Personalization Succeeds With Segmentation Done Right

Targeted marketing campaigns can only hit the mark if they can align with customer preferences and expectations. However, raw transactional data of a customer on its own cannot point the way to these insights. Segmentation is the answer – based on multiple parameters including purchase patterns, behaviors, demographics etc.

To build a true and fair Single View of the Customer, our team starts with data preparation and follow this with a Customer-level Segmentation Model.

Approach To Channel Raw Data To Segmented Customer Insights

Data Preparation To Further Analysis Capabilities

Creating meaning from raw transactional data, geographical data, demographic data, and feedback data by curating them for dependable analysis.

  • Creating statistical KPI’s for segmentation using a single view of the customer.
  • Developing single segmentation models on the single view and statistical KPIs.

Must have Data for SVOC

  • Transaction data
  • Customer information data

Good to have data for SVOC

  • Marketing: Website forms, email lists, tradeshow leads, etc.
  • Customer Service: Call records, case histories, complaints, etc.

Single View Of The Customer

Developing an accurate 360 degree picture of every customer by aggregating all of customer data – purchase, buyer behaviour, demographics, feedback insights.

Segmentation Models To Amp Marketing Efforts

Geography Segmentation Model

Helping identify region-based similar target customer groups for brands to concentrate their spending in a region, which can enhance visibility significantly.

Demographics Segmentation Model

Segmentation on demographic variables such as age, gender, etc. to rightsize marketing efforts and also help to identify who would market your products/services.

RFM (Recency, Frequency, Monetary) Segmentation

Behavior-based customer segmentation – grouping customers based on their transaction history to identify who is more likely to respond to promotions.

Customer Lifetime Value For Robust Interactions And Relations

CLV is the window to look into the long-term value that can be derived from a customer to make better decisions with respect to acquisition and retention. Our teams help clients measure and leverage this is a proven tool to build lasting relationships and maximize profitability from a customer.

Steps To Measure CLV

  • Identifying incidents where value is created.
  • A unified view of customer journey on converged data.
  • Measuring profit at each point.
  • Adding together over the lifetime.

Making The Data Accessible For Definite Outcomes

Segmentation data in itself is not decisive unless acted upon. We leverage BI dashboards to make analytics from the models accessible. Our team delivers targeted dashboards that provide insights into customer behavior and preferences, enabling stakeholders to act on insights and add value to marketing efforts.

Maximize Value From Every Customer Interaction With Segmentation